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Good leadership always makes a difference. It can turn organizations around and positively impact the lives of thousands. Learning more about leadership will make a difference in you, and you will make a difference in the lives of others. John C. Maxwell shares a lifetime of leadership truths, which can guide anyone who currently leads or aspires to lead.


Target Audience: Senior-Level Leaders

Exceptional leadership makes a difference. Without efficient leadership, organizational goals cannot be achieved, nor can progress be attained, but becoming an exceptional leader is not easy it takes hard work, perseverance, and a sincere willingness to work with people on the path to the top. John C. Maxwell provides a comprehensive guide using 26 key lessons. Each lesson, or nugget, is designed to enrich the personal and professional lives of current leaders and help them grow into leaders who make an impact. Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less, states Maxwell. However, one person with a lot of influence can make a powerful, positive impact on society.

Leadership GOLD embraces the lessons that Maxwell has learned from a lifetime of leading. Some of the 26 nuggets of truth included in my keynotes and workshops are: How the toughest person to lead is always yourself. Why you should not send your ducks to eagle school. How leaders distinguish themselves during tough times. Why the best leaders are good listeners. How the secret to a good meeting is the meeting before the meeting. How to create a legacy worth leaving.

In summary, you will learn:

As a leader, you will never get ahead until your people are behind you. Few people are successful unless a lot of people want them to be. No leader would be great without the support and help of teammates.

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