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Today Matters gives a participant a roadmap for growing their influence one day at a time. In the book, John C. Maxwell describes success as a process rather than an achievement. He advises readers to concentrate on the day at hand rather than looking in the rearview mirror or gazing too far into the future. Most importantly, he urges readers to adjust their daily routines in order to cultivate healthy habits that will help them win in leadership and in life.
Developing yourself and those around you is essential to make a great and lasting impact.The leader sees the big picture, but he or she needs other leaders to help make their mental picture a reality.

In this training course you will be challenged to take the many small steps that lead to success each and every day of your life. You’ll learn principles that have been tested and proven again and again.
Your organization will benefit as you put these ideas into practice. I have devoted my life to equipping people, and it is my hope that you will take the Today Matters training to heart by growing and developing others around you.